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The 5 Best Bars to Experience Nightlife in Krabi, Thailand

February 1, 2020
Bluesotel Smart Krabi

Krabi, Thailand is widely known for its long stretch of postcard-perfect beaches, groves of coconut and palm trees, and pristine waters surrounding the shores of a tropical oasis. After spending the whole day relaxing on popular beach towns and exploring what Krabi has to offer – from jungle safari adventures to underwater sports, it’s no surprise to want to let loose in the evening.

If you didn’t know about these by now, then it’s time to get busy. This article is for the pub crawlers who believe that all the best bars are hidden in all the strangest places. From Naria-like closet entrances to exits signs leading you anywhere but out, we’ve mapped out eight hidden drinking dens in Krabi, Thailand that is waiting for you to find them.

Must-Visit #1: Arty Momma Rasta Bar

There is never a dull moment at the quirkiest bar in town Arty Momma Rasta Bar, which frequents as the go-to venue for some of the craziest reggae hangouts in town. Sitting in what could only be described as the cracks of the quieter part of Krabi, this is one place that always has something up its sleeve.

Must-Visit #2: Chu-a-pa Studio

“Every hour is a happy hour” at the cocktail bar Chu-a-pa Studio. Tucked inside Krabi, their hole-in-the-wall impression quickly fades as the impressive menu of innovative dishes and drinks of locally crafted beers and ciders — is perfect for the adventurous and curious.

Must-Visit #3: Hobby Hops

Camouflaged as a shabby-chic tavern, Hobby Hops is a quaint speakeasy bar where it’s okay to be dressed to impress. Brimming with displays of liquor bottles, their playful alcoholic menu is complimented with daily live entertainment. Those who want to take a break from the island life in Krabi can also visit Hobby Hops to dip their hand at being a Londoner for its European vibe.

Must-Visit #4: Chang Bar

Propped up in the middle of Krabi Across bigger bars and restaurants, this cultural getaway that goes by the name Chang bar serves ice-cold beers and Thai staples dishes. If you’re looking to wind down after a long day, then this is the place to have a taste of both comfort and luxury.

Must-Visit #5: The Irish Embassy Pub

A bar with a rich history that will take you to the 1920s themed speakeasy bar, The Irish Embassy Bar, this is where you can swing by for a tour with a cold drink in hand for the ultimate late-afternoon fun.

Must-Visit #6: The Last Bar

Make your way up to the rogue-lit beach-inspired space, The Last Bar, as it’ll be like you’ve teleported into the gastronomic lane as the bar serves more than just summer drinks. From fire shows to Thai boxing matches, The Last Bar proves itself to be a small hub of entertainment set in the middle of one of the best beaches in Railay.

In Conclusion

Awe-inspiring beaches, hidden waterfalls, and vibrant rainforests surround the popular towns in Krabi, Thailand. Of course, in between the white sands and palm trees, there is a vibrant nightlife within the island as beach-inspired bars line the streets.

If you’re looking to make the most of what Krabi has to offer, the guide above should lead you to the best bars in town where you can play board games, lounge by hammocks with a drink in hand, enjoy fire shows, and have a toast to the ultimate tropical escape. Bluesotel Smart Krabi is rated as one of the best hotels in Ao Nang, Krabi. Contact us today to book your stay!