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What Does a Romantic-Filled Day in Krabi Look Like

March 1, 2020
Bluesotel Smart Krabi

Commonly known as one of the most romantic spots in all of Southeast Asia, there’s no doubt that Krabi has become a must-visit destination for couples from around the world.

Thanks to its lush landscapes, amazing displays of culture, and dreamlike beaches and turquoise waters (both courtesy of the Andaman Sea), Krabi effortlessly puts on a display that caters to even the most secretive of romantics. As opposed to other romantic destinations around the world, Krabi is one of the select few that prides itself on the fact that it creates an atmosphere that lets couples feel nothing but love for each other, even in stressful times.

As clear as it may be to see that Krabi is a perfect destination for any couple that seeks a unique getaway, however, what does a romantic day in Krabi look like?

If you’ve come to wholeheartedly understand that Krabi is a place for honeymooners and longtime lovers alike but do not know what to do, let’s look at the typical itinerary for a romantic day in the province:

6 A.M: Wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the Andaman Sea

Seeing that Krabi arguably has the most beautiful sunrises all over the world, it’s an absolute no-brainer that a romantic day in the area should start off with one.

Best paired with a cup of coffee and bedside breakfast, watching the sun come over the horizon with the love of your life is undoubtedly one of the most special ways you can ever start a day. To make the entire experience sweeter, you can play some soft music in the background so that you can welcome a new day with the best disposition you’ll ever be in your life!

10 A.M: A boat trip and island hopping for two

If you want to make your day in Krabi a truly romantic one, Bluesotel Smart Krabi recommends that you rent a longtail boat just for the two of you. After all, who’d want to go on a “romantic” day with other people on the same boat?

With a longtail boat that’s only reserved for you and your significant other, the captain, and an accompanying tour guide, you’ll be able to explore the most beautiful parts of Krabi by hopping from island to island and getting up close with the sea. From the starting point over at Ao Nang, expect to see Krabi in all its glory as the longtail boat shuttles you to Krabi Town, Phi Phi Islands, Ko Lanta, and Railay Beach!

2 P.M: Late lunch on the final island

Once you’ve made your way around Krabi, the last step you’ll need to follow before heading back is to have a quick lunch on a private island to get a full experience of the island life. Having a hearty late lunch on the final island of your longtail boat tour is guaranteed to keep the feelings flowing and remind you of the day you both first met—a euphoric feeling indeed!

8 P.M: Dinner in Krabi’s gorgeous nightlife and high-class restaurant scene

Once you and your partner have been sunkissed with your all-day tour around Krabi, the best way to close off an entire romantic day is to have a great dinner.

With amazing food, fine drinks, and an amazing atmosphere, sharing a very passionate and unforgettable dinner in Krabi’s finest dining establishments (such as Bluesotel Smart Krabi’s Twice A Day restaurant) is the best way to tie up the whole experience. At this point, make sure to pair your meals with a bottle of wine to end the day on a strong, yet memorable note.

Final words

If you’ve been finding yourself on the hunt for a perfect location to celebrate the love that you share with your significant other, then look no further because Krabi is the place for you. With picture-perfect sunsets, amazing island destinations, cultural experiences, and groundbreaking cuisine, be ready to experience the time of your life as a couple in Krabi!

To cap off your day of enjoyment, consider booking your stay with BlueSotel SMART Krabi! From comfortable accommodation to fine dining options, your stay with us will truly be memorable. We’re a hotel in Krabi, get in touch today to book your stay.