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What to Know About the Khao Phung Caves in Krabi

March 8, 2020
Bluesotel Smart Krabi

There is much to explore in the whole of Krabi, from the majestic beaches down to pristine seawaters. If you want a different experience, however, then you better leave your room in BlueSotel SMART Krabi and head off to the small mountain called Kow Phung that is filled with caves to explore.

Now that’s something new: you can either hit the caves on the ground level or climb up on the mountain. For an amazing experience, here’s what you should know about Khao Phung caves in Krabi and what to explore.

Khao Phung caves in Krabi Thailand

There’s just something exciting about getting inside the caves or climbing up the small mountain. If you’re afraid of heights, however, then you can go in for about 50 meters or so before reaching the end. There are multiple directions you can go in each cave until you take a halt at one channel or a spot with chest-deep water already.

Once you’re in, you can appreciate the cave’s beauty spruced up by countless stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes and sizes. Some look like mushrooms while others like pagodas and curtains. As for the walls, they appear whitish and sparkle brightly. Know that Kow Phung cave is part of the national park, which consists of the Huay Toh waterfall beside it.

Practice cautions

While you’re at it, there are some safety measures to consider during your cave exploration, such as the following:


  • Do make sure to bring your flashlight.
  • Do remember to bring a bottle of water.
  • Do bring 100 THB each for the guide.
  • Do make sure to scan the walls for geckos, bats, and spiders.


  • Don’t go in if you’re under 13 years old.
  • Don’t try if you have problems with climbing steep rocks and slippery dirt.
  • Don’t step on the toads or geckos in the caves.
  • Don’t play with the bats.

Getting to Khao Phung caves

Now, if you plan to get into the caves, let’s start from the Krabi town as our reference point. From there, make sure to follow the directions below:

  • From the police checkpoint by the river, go upstream away from town and toward the mountains.
  • At the intersection with Highway 4 at the traffic light, make a right turn.
  • On your left, within one kilometer, is a small sign for Huay Toh Waterfall. Make a left turn there.
  • Drive about 18 kilometers until you see the sign on the right for Huay Toh Wildlife Safari.

Things not to miss out

Since you’re already in Khao Phung, why not make the most of it? For your reference, here are two things to savor and enjoy:

  • Bottom caves: The path around the base of the mountain is 300 meters long. Here, you can explore the cave system at the ground level.
  • Swimming: Pull your motorbike and head left down the dirt path. Here, you’ll see a stream where people swim year-round and you can also take a plunge.

Final words

When you’ve had enough of what the Khao Phung caves have to offer, you can then head back to your room in BlueSotel SMART Krabi and retire to your comfy bed. In the end, you can say that it has been an exhausting day worth cherishing! Book your hotel in Krabi with us today.